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Get to know me questions.

Hi guys.

See I told you’ll that I wouldn’t go MIA and I’d try to post regularly. I’m not such a bad blogger now am i? I figured that cense I have a few new followers on my blog because for some reason people seem to enjoy my unusual ramblings, and inadequate posting I’d create a get to know me post!!

These aren’t questions that bloggers have asked me specifically but just some generic questions that i found on the internet!!! Hopefully you’ll learn something about me in the process.

So sit back and grab your preferred snack and let’s get started, shall we?

Jade’s get to know me questions.

1. How old are you? I just turned 18 recently and I’m a legal adult!!! Time to figure out life am i right?

2. Are you single? Yep find me a girl please i’m dying.

3. Do you like candy? Yaw I fucking love candy, and sugar, and seriously don’t’ look at me for health advice.

4. Favorite season? Summer!!! Cause ice cream. Oh and sleeping in late is a bonus.

5. Turn on? Hmmm probably someone who knows what she wants in the future cause I surely don’t, and someone who’s passionate about something.

6. Turn off? Arrogance fucking hate that.

7. Have you ever had a crush on your best friend? Shhh we won’t talk about it.

8. What music do you enjoy listening to? Everything except country.

9. Your dream date? Hanging out and talking about our futures, our fears, and our passions. Find someone for me I’m begging.

10. Favorite travel destinations? South Africa, England’, Canada, and Fraaaaance.

11. Who’s your inspiration? Hmmm I’m inspired by everyone and i just couldn’t pick one person but they’re all motivating. Some of them are Trevor Noah, Stormzy, MHD, Yizzy, Kendrick Lamar, Deeyah khan. To many more to count.

12. Any tattoos? Not now but definitely in the future!! I’ll make a separate post on what I’m gonna get.

13. Your dream job? Hmm working with refugees, and children that are disadvantaged… Or maybe something with social work we’ll see.

14. What race are you? If you must know I’m brown!!! Yayyyyy.

15. Is your hair straight or curly? It’s both and some days it’s not sure so ask it.

16. Coffee or tea? I’m brown so the stereotype is tea and shhh I didn’t say that but i prefer coffee. Mmm gonna get some now.

17. The relationship between the last person you texted and yourself? Best friend or maybe something more. I don’t know?

18. How’s life? Confusing, scary, and emotional.

19. Favorite smell? Flowers, and strawberries.

20. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel.

21. Cookies or cake? Dfsklkljdfskljdsflkjfdslkjdfaskljdsfkjldsf don’t make me choose I love both fdskljkfadsjf;dfsakldfsjakljsdfa

22. Ever done drugs? Uh… let’s not talk about that thanks.

23. Favorite food? Hmmm let’s see probably rice, chicken, and anything spicy.

24. last song you listen to? Dye In Your Arms.Nico Santos. It’s so cute and I recommend it.

25. Tips for getting sunburned? Hahah hahahah I’m brown don’t ask me.

26. What color is your room? Purple.

27. What’s your fashion style? Tragic and girly mixed with masculinity.

28. What are you passionate about? Refugees, LGBT, and disability, and equal rights for colored people.

29. Favorite drink? Coffee, tea, lemon aid.

30. Would you ever do YouTube as a full time career? Probably in the future I’ve thought about it tbh.

That was interesting now wasn’t it? I hope you’ve learned something interesting about me in the process and comment down below what you thought about this. Like? Dislike? Let me know!!! Also hit that follow button for more interesting content.

Love from Jade.


What’s my purpose plus I’m back for good.

Hi everyone.

I had no motivation at all to blog what so ever because I had no idea what contributions i could make to this blogosphere. I mean their are talented people over here and then there’s me, Jade the blind lesbian woman of color who doesn’t know shit. Who am i to be writing down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences? I’m no one special.

But then our brilliant Blogger Bayance made a post titled what is your purpose? It got me thinking about myself and the goals i had for this blog of mine. It got me thinking why i started blogging in the first place.

I started this blogging journey because I wanted to show other Muslim kids that being part of the LGBT group doesn’t mean suicide. I wanted to show white people that racism hurts!!! I remember being that 12 year old girl thinking that i had to do drugs and self harm to feel something. I realize now that I’m that person who needs to speak out about the issues that are dear to my heart.

So what if other Muslims get offended? So what if I’m not eloquent in writing, and I’m not the best at formatting my blog? This is my purpose and I truly believe that i was put on this earth to speak out about these issues. I have to be the leader and speak out about this because no one else is going to do it for me.

Kids like me are dying and I’m the only one that gives a shit and you know what? That’s sad. So I might not be the most consistent blogger on the planet but I’ll try because I’m tired of being silent. I’m a lion and my rawr will be heard through out the jungle.

I’m not gonna say that I’ll blog regularly because I have horrible mental health but I’ll try, okay? I’m back and I’ve found my purpose. Also i have an exciting project that i wanna do but it’s in its baby stages for now but I’m gonna need your help to accomplish it.

I’ll give you a synopsis and let me know what you think. So I’m thinking That every week I want to interview someone new for this blog talking about what your purpose will be. You can speak about how you stay motivated, your tips on self care, and your steps to achieve your goals.

I don’t care what your purpose is i want to hear from you. Your purpose is not to small, or to big remember that. I wanna to get Bayance in this because technically she got me motivated for even writing this so we’ll see… But if you have any questions please email me at I’m excited to hear from you.

I’ve missed you guys!! Your comments, messages, your emails and just being involved in such a wonderful community. I’ve struggling massively and a life update is overdo but just know that depression was kicking my ass, and I couldn’t find my inspiration at all!!!

As for posting schedule I honestly don’t know at the current moment. I might be able to post during the week or I’ll post during the weekend. School is sksksk at the moment and I’m trying to pass. But the holidays are coming soon and I’ll have more time for posting.

I have a challenge for you and its’ gonna be easy i promise. I want you to think about your purpose and what it means to you. No matter how big or small i want you to think about it and how you’re gonna achieve the steps.I want you to comment down below your purpose and if you want to write a post on this blog please message me and we’ll set a up a posting time!!

Stay safe, and may life treat you kind. Love from Jade.

creative writing.

Fight, my friend.

Fight, My Friend.

for the people of color.

The children dining of hunger.

The faceless.

You see on the news.

For the broken hearted.

the wars.

the pain.

Fight my friend.

For the people in cages. The children crossing oceans to have a home.

for the gay.The disabled.

The Muslim.

For the white man.

Fight my friend.

For the ones who’ll never make it.

For the ones who do.

For the drug dealers, and the cutters.

For my strength is weakening.

You know i can’t do this alone.

So fight, my friend.

And I’ll fight with you too.

Author’s note, Inspired by events in our society. Love from Jade. ANd fight for each other.

love life



To hold your hand.

Kiss you like I promised.

TO be the right girl for you.

To not cry over you like i do every night.

To have you look at me with the intensity that I look at you

To have you in my arms.

Where you should be.

Just once I’d like you to call me beautiful.

But that will never happen.

But I’ll keep wishing.

Cause wishing never hurt anything.

And maybe just maybe one day you’ll realize that I’m the one for you.

But I’m hurting.

but that’s okay.

Cause you’ll always love her more.

Author’s note, Do you ever have a crush on someone and they like someone else and you’re just like jlfakjklsdfljkdsfljkfdskldfsakldfasjkldfsajkfdsajklfdjlfdsauoipefewruiuioerwiuerowiuorewq? And your heart is doing that funny thing in your chest. No? Just me? that’s nice. Well comment down below your crushes and will be single together.

Love from Jade.


Where I’ve been recently!!!!

Hi guys.

I’ve written and rewritten this post over a hundred times and still i”m not satisfied with the outcome. To be honest I’m feeling a little nervous about posting this after all, you haven’t heard from me in over almost 2 months. But I’ll try to justify my actions the best way that i know how.

First of all the external keyboard that connects to my ipad/computer stopped working suddenly and i didn’t have any money to receive a new one at that current moment in time. I had financial struggles and this isn’t me trying to gain sympathy it’s me simply stating the trueth how it is.

So i had to wait 2 months until i could get a replacement. When I finally bought the replacement a week ago the keyboard didn’t connect the right way and i had to return it. Long story short, i had to order a new keyboard from Amazon and it finally arrived today.

I’m also just returning from a trip to Germany to visit some familey And my brain is still recovering from jet lag so I’m sorry this post is all over the place. Before everything happened with my keyboard I promised you guys a massive life update and you’ll still get the post you’ll just have to wait a lil while.

I just have no idea when because i have posts and emails to catch up on.Not to mention a guest post I promised I’d do for our friend Bayance!!!

This is just a small post catching you on what’s been going on and why I’ve been away from you guys recently. I hope you don’t feel like I’ve abandoned you in any way and hopefully we can get to more regular posting.

I missed you so much!!! Your comments, messages, and your emails. Each and everyone of you I missed. Stay safe and may life treat you kind!!!

Love from Jade!!!


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for abanding you.

I’ve been busy and I’ve been dealing with mental health issues but I’m trying to get back in the swings of things. But it’s been hard but a post on that later. Summer vacation is almost here so please expect more posts from me including a massive life update.

The trueth is i could issue a thousand excuses as to why I’ve been mia recently but this is the best I’ve got. I hope you can forgive me. How are you doing? Please comment down below.You have no fucking idea how much I missed you. Yeah you, the reader lucky enough to stumble upon this piece of trash.

I’ve missed this community and what we’ve built. Enough rambling from me and again, I sincerely hope you can forgive me.

Love from Jade. Stay safe and may life treat you kind.


Help if you can!!!!

Hi guys.

I haven’t posted in ages but I need your help with something if you can? I’ve found my future career path!!! I want to work with the charity located in the u.K. That focuses on Muslim youth that are struggling with their sexuality. My problem is i don’t know the name of the charity.

I’ve seen it on the BBC but every time i google anything I can’t find it. To my U.K. Readers do you have any recommendations? Can you help? I’ll give you a life update soon!!!

Love from jade.

creative writing.

Don’t label me.

I’m not wrong for wanting to have a girlfriend.

I’m not wrong for wanting to get tattoos.

I haven’t committed a cyn because i wear shorts. There’s nothing wrong wiht being lesbian.

Being disabled doesn’t mean that you are intellectually challenged.

Why do you judge me? make me feel inferior?

Who the hell are you for wanting to label me?

I’m tired of people judging me and making me feel less than what I am.


Talks about being a Muslim F.T. Bayance.

Hi kids.

Today’s post is a collaboration with our wonderful friend


I’m excited because this collaboration means a lot to me and I’m glad that Bay took the time to answer some questions. Make sure you go and check out her post featuring me!!!! You’ll love it.

Anyway enjoy and comment down below what you thought.

Love from Jade. Do you have brown skin like I do? If so, do you  receive racism? 

I actually don’t. I have light skin but it’s a little tan in the summer. But oh my in 5th grade, I was insanely bronze because of Canada’s sun at the time. My teacher made a few comments towards my skin but he always teased me anyways so no, I never received racism directly.

What’s the most racist thing that someone told you?  

Nothing I can think of so far. 

 Do you think wearing the hijab should be a choice?

Government-wise, I think hijab shouldn’t be forced because then women wear it for the wrong intentions. But honestly the free clothing rule got kind of out of hand in the West and now people go out half naked so I think places who still have religion should make the dress code a little stricter than V cuts and shorts.

 What do you think of girls like me who have liberal parents who don’t force them to wear the hijab? 

My parents haven’t forced me into it either so I definitely support parents who don’t force their girls to wear it but rather encourage and support instead.

 DO you think that it’s okay for Muslim men to have more than 1 wife? 

Personally for me, this is no-no. My husband cannot marry another wife over me like sis imma file the divorce papers and I will make this clear before we get married. But it is permissible in Islam and I know some rich men in some cultures do it and the women are fine with it so that’s their choice and they’re allowed up to 4 wives. The thing is, back in the day this was more necessary due to war times and the decrease in male population. Plus, there were reasons like a woman was sick or old or couldn’t get a child. And sometimes there are cases where men cheat or there’s an open relationship so more wives was made to prevent that. 

 DO you believe in forced/arranged marriage?

Nope! I know some cultures do it but culture is different than religion and marriage against your will is never good. My parents would never do it to me and I would never do it to my children. I think it’s fine if I know a family or a man who would be good for my daughter and maybe suggest but other than that, if she doesn’t say yes, then that’s her choice! 

 DO you think that muslums should marry other Muslims? Or do you think that Muslims can marry who’m ever they want? 

Technically, Muslim men can marry a jew or a christian but Muslim women can only marry a Muslim. I know this sounds bad but usually in a marriage, the man is more in control and he might do things that are forbidden in Islam like drinking and drugs and it might harm you as well. For me, I’d prefer to have a Muslim because I know he’d share my values and we’d be on the same page in terms of raising children. Plus, I wouldn’t have to be alone when saying “yeah I can’t eat pork” at dinner invitations haha. I just think it would be much better for the woman. 

What age do you want to get married? 

25 or 26? After I’m done school and once I find a job. I want to get a kid before 30 though so yeah!

 Is there any people in your family you suspect that are gay? 

No. My brothers are super open with me and they’re 100% straight. No one in my family is and it might be because of the morals we were raised with and that my whole family are strict Muslims who definitely have a good time but pray and follow all the rules as well. They were very educated in terms of religion and things like that. 

IF you were out with someone in your family and you saw another Muslim is being  bullied for being gay would you stop it and defend them? 

For sure! I don’t agree with their action but they don’t need to recieve violence from other people. They are no less than I am so why would I treat them differently? Also by “being gay” is that like obvious intercourse with the same gender on the street type of thing? In that case, I’d step up but get an adult with me in case things get out of hand if the people are grown up.

 What would you tell your parents if one of your siblings came out as gay? 

Um they probably won’t but I’d tell my parents to stay patient and maybe to advise them. I can’t do much about it because it’s their own decision and they’ll be accountable for it but because I have an influence on my siblings, I’d definitely talk it out and listen to what they have to say. I always check up on my siblings though so they aren’t really keeping anything inside. 

 Do you think that Muslim girls should be allowed to have sex before marriage? 

No and same with Muslim boys. It’s not right and has been mentioned multiple times in the Quran not to so waiting for marriage isn’t a problem for me. Plus, it teaches you patience and commitment. I’ll make a separate post on this but great question. 

 DO you pray 5 times a day? 

Yes, alhamdulillah. 

 Does your opinion of me change if you found out that I as a Muslim don’t fast? 

Not necessarily. It is a pillar of Islam so if you miss it on purpose without a valid reason then I think a lot of your faith might be shaky but that’s not for me to judge. I’d advise you to repent and maybe start again with baby steps (eg. fasting once a week) and to build your way up from there. Plus fasting has so many benefits to the body and it teaches you patience so I don’t see why not unless you have physical issues. But everyone’s going through something so I’m not going to treat you any different. 

 DO you think that Muslim parents should be more open with their kids about topics such  as mental illness, and  LGBT issues? 

I know my parents aren’t too open about LGBT issues because everyone’s clear on the fact that it’s wrong and we were born straight in the family so I’m not sure what there is to talk about. As for mental health, my parents do an amazing job at being a great support system for us and I think parents should raise their kids with love and respect because as we grew, I knew that my parents were my rock and that I wouldn’t be the same without them. My parents don’t talk much about mental health but they definitely let us know they’re here through actions and I think other Muslim parents should love their children more as well. 

  DO you think that parents should let their kids be as creative as they please? For example, letting them becomes youtubers, and other creators?

Honestly my parents don’t care what we grow to become. They’re open to anything as long as it makes a living. My mom definitely wants us girls to work but I know some parents are a little less strict on the girl’s occupation because they can get married and the man can provide (culture-wise) so yeah, parents should let their kids follow their passion but also within limits so that they are able to support themselves. 

 What do you think of Muslim parents who choose to abandon their disabled children? Should they get punished? 

DEFINITELY! Parents should not abandon their children for no reason and especially disabled kids. When a kid is disabled, it is a sort of trial for the kid and family so parents can’t just opt out of that. Kids and marriage are a big part of life and parents must do their best to provide for their kids and pass on the future generation. I believe abandoning is a sin if there was no extreme reason behind it. 

 Do you believe in heaven and hell? 


Do you think that gay people are going to hell for being themselves? 

Aah the way you phrase the question. I’m not the judge for who goes to hell but God warned many times to not engage in homosexual activity and if people went against that and had no fear of God’s authority then I’m not sure where they’ll end up. This happened to a generation before and God’s messenger, Lut, gave many warnings but no one listened until a natural disaster came to flip that nation upside down. I feel like it’s very normalized these days but there’s time to repent and change and not act on things that were not made permissible in this life. 

  If a Muslim girl gets pregnant in high school what should their parents do? 

This is a tough question but I think she should get married to the baby’s father right away. They decided to engage in sex before marriage so if a baby comes from it, they shouldn’t abandon the baby and try their best to raise it together. It will definitely be tough but I guess now you know why God made it forbidden. It’s a test to the whole family and as a parent, I’ll help raise the kid because it’s innocent but I’d be a little disappointed in my daughter (or son if he got a girl pregnant) because I know she could’ve done better.  

 Do you believe in abortion? 

I believe it’s wrong unless it has a physical or mental effect on the mother that may cost the mother’s life (eg. the mother is going to die in delivery or she’s going to kill herself out of depression). The mother is the priority over the fetus in this case. Other than that, it was meant to be if there was no miscarriage and don’t ever kill a child out of financial need because God ensures that it’ll be okay even with a financial struggle and I’ve heard that many times when a baby is born, the family gets blessed with a better job..etc. So you can’t assume that you can’t afford it and kill the baby. We were once a potential life too and our parents didn’t abort us so why would we take a life from someone else? 

 Finally who’s your biggest inspiration? 

My mother! She’s so strong and I would literally be honoured to be half as good as she is. And Noor Tagouri because she’s so driven and motivated and ugh I love everything she does!!

Thank you for having me, Jade. I really enjoyed answering these!!


Versatel blogger award!!!!!


Bro I’m sorry for not completing this award when i was nominated by Josh!!! Josh, man if you’re reading this I’m sorry I didn’t Complete this award sooner. I’ve been insanely busy. Inn fact, by the time this post goes up it’ll be several days in advance sense I’ve written it. But here goes the award.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to THE BORING LIFE OF JOSH

For nominating me for the Versatel blogger award!!!! I get so fucking happy when I’m nominated for an award ldfslkjskjldfskjsdfkdsjfl. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


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Jade’s 7 facts!!!!

1. Jade from Victorious was my first crush.

2. When ever people ask me what genre of music i like I feel panicked because i listen to all genres.

3. I hate caret juice. Like I hate it with a passion.

4. Right now i have a crush on Ella Mai the British singer.

5. I love candy!!!!

6 Despite not being able to see I have a massive addiction to shopping and fashion.

7. I watch BBC documentaries when I’m bored. Don’t judge.. You probably do it too.

Aaaaaand here youuuu gooo!!!! Loved it? Hated it?Comment do wn below.

here are my nominations.





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And anyone else who feels up to participating in this award. DOn’t be shy!!!!

Love from Jade.