Hiii guuuuys!!!!

Just a quick thank you post for reaching 200 likes on this blog of mine.

You don’t know how much it means to me every time someon likes, comments, or follows. Please note, I’ll ever make someone follow, like, or comment . If they don’t wish to.

I never thought I’d have such a group of supportive people who’d read my posts, and put up with my shitty personality. Like what even?

I love you. It doesn’t feel weird saying that at all!!! Cause we’re all friends. So thank youuuu!!!

Also I’m never gonna stop my blog. Cause I’ve finally found my passion, my voice, and my people. So if I ever stop my blog then you can attack me with my email. OOOOo one more thing before I go!!! I’d like to create a blog skype type of thing. I know skype is ancient but deal with it. Would any one be interested in having my user name on there?

Just please note that if you’re interested then you’l have to email me privately, and then I’ll be happy to give the username. Cause I don’t want just anyone on my skype, you know?

Byeeee!!! Love from Jade!!!


Who knows what I’ll do?


2 posts in 24 hours? Aren’t you lucky. I’m writing this post because it’s Presidents Day here, and schools are closed. What a great introduction to this post.

In this post I’ll be discussing my thoughts, feelings, and future plans when it comes to school. Warning, this post will be long and messy. So I don’t blame you if you don’t read it to the end.

so right now I’m in my sophomore year of high school, or what you would call grade 10. I’m a pretty average student who tries to get decent grades. Oh who am i kidding? My grades are effected by my mental health.

But next year I’ll be in grade 11, and if you know anything about the education system in the u.S. then you’ll know that next year if I want to apply for college/university. I’ll have to take a huge exam to prepare me for this step in my life. the exams are commonly knows as the SAT, and I’ve heard there’s a new one, called ACT. For those who are applying to community college.

Thinking of even taking the exam has me stressing. Let alone actually applying to a university. My hands are shaking, and I genuinely don’t have any fucking clue as to what I’d like to do after high school??? No scratch that.. I do have some idea as to what I’d like to pursue.

But it’s the thought of actually pursuing that has me panicking and just. Ahh.

So here goes what I actually wouldn’t mind accomplishing if it were up to me. But I didn’t tell anyone this cause they’d find it stupid., and probly laugh at me. But here goes.

What I’d like to achieve after high school is move away from home and attend an university in a big city. For example, New York, or London, or paris, or I wouldn’t mind Johannesburg. Cause special person alert!!! I no that’ll never happen. Because shit like that is expensive, and your grades have to be extensively good to be able to do such a thing.

Another idea is to get an internship straight out of school that focuses on activism, disability, and LGBTQ. But again I don’t know how to begin applying for such a job.

I’m so stress and I don’t even know where the fuck to begin. But I do know that I can’t stay in this stifling town any longer. i. Won’t. I can’t.

I’d like to be free, and just exist with out fear. I’d like to go to a few parties, nothing to outrageous. But I’d like to meet new people, and maybe and this is the biggest one of them all!! Maybe get help for my mental health professionally? And I know that if I stay here for university then that’ll never occur. Cause I’ll be under my parents shadow and I’ll feel suffocated.

There’s one more aspect of this which is I don’t even know what the hell I’d do with my life as a career?? Like i have a vague idea of what I’d like to accomplish. But the real question is will i be suffocated or not? Cause my worse fear is to be stuck in a career that I don’t want. I just know that would make me suffer. I also wouldn’t mind the prospect of an English teacher? Or maybe a worker who helps refugees? I just want a career that will help someone feel less alone.

I just want something that’ll make kids understand that they can be enough!!!! A career that requires me to travel constantly, because I’d love to travel honestly. Or something with social work? I guess I do have some prospect of what I’d like to accomplish.

I can imagine it. Me, Jade living in a big city and being an independent women who goes everywhere, and helps people, and is happy for once. And this is making me cry cause I want this so fucking much you don’t even understand how desperate I am for something like this.

Then again, i might be crying cause I’m on my period. But who knows? Have you ever wanted something so desperately? Have you wished to accomplish something that society thinks is outlandish but you don’t.

Do you know what I’d love the most? An internship that helps with race, disability, and sexuality. yeah that’d be my dream career but can I do it? Will I make it?

Or imagine me, living with a wife and kids. Wo, wo!!!! Jade!!! You’re moving to fast. But who knows? It might happen and I want it to!!! Again I’m crying. Cause I want this so desperately!!!

And now I’m going to stop writing cause this is making me feel desperate cause what if it doesn’t happen? What if I’m never free? What if I’m stuck here somewhere I don’t want to be? Calm, Jade, calm.

Okay as always comment down below what you’d like to accomplish after school? Do you know? it’s okay, we’ll be confused together!!!

love from Jade.


I miss you.


Don’t you know?

I miss you.

I miss you.

and it’s not fare!!! It’s not. Cause you have your own life and a girlfriend. That doesn’t mean i don’t love you.

Out of everyone on this fucking planet I want to see you.

Only you.

I get so possessive over you. I don’t want her to kiss you, or make love to you, or have your favorite songs. I want it to be me. Please just love me cause I’m not strong enough to do this on my own. I’m not.

do you even care? Some days i think you love me than other days I don’t evne know what the fuck you want from me. I’m never letting you go but you. Need to want me.


Jade’s Eire diary/journal.

    Hi people
    Did you’ll have good Valentine’s Day? Did you stay safe and use protection? Good. That’s what I thought. You wanna know what i  did? Well even if you don’t want to know I’ll tell you.
    I watched Netflix movies, and ate chocolate, and wondered why the cute ones have to be straight?
    But anyway this post isn’t about Jade’s depressing love life. I know there’s no love life!!!! Don’t be rude to me.
    So I was casually scrolling through the blogosphere and found a brilliant post by none other then
BAYANCE The post is all about her hilarious diary entries and how corny they were. I won’t spoil the post cause that would be like copyright infringement or something. I don’t know, okay? I haven’t had Coffee and I didn’t sleep that well.
    So anyway I decided to I’d also do a corny diary entry post thing.
    So I could directly post from the actual diary cause I couldn’t find the damn thing. So we’ll make it up as we go along. Also I should point out in that time of my life I thought I was straight. Hahahahahahah. Fucking pathetic!!!
    So the diary will be in bold, and my sarcastic responses will be italicized. I hope you enjoy and find it funny. Also make sure you go and buy me a coffee I’ll appreciate it. Thanks.  
    So without  any farther interruptions here’s  jade’s weird diary thing.

    11-21-13  omg I’m so mad at the moment!!!! Like  you wouldn’t believe it!!! Can you believe that S wants my boyfriend?  Bitch stop acting straight okay? It’s not cute. Also why the fuck were you dating at age 11? No. Go play with your toys or something. Kids these days.
…  She says that she wants E cause she loves him. Well she doesn’t!!! Okay? Like that lil girl doesn’t even love him until I did.   What? What? Whaaaat? You were falling in love at 11? I don’t have enough motivation to get off the couch. And you want to fall in love??
…  I’m never gonna talk to her again!!!!
  So you’re going to ruin a friendship over a boy?? Straight girls I tell ya.

     11-26-13 It’s a friday and we got to go home early cause a half day of school. Guess what? Well I’ll tell you!!! E got to hold my hand and S. Got so mad she ran to the bathroom and cried. But I felt bad but not really cause E is soooo popular!!!
 Jade you wanted to date a popular ass who made your best friend cry? Again kids these days. Smh.
Now   that I’m in grade 5 we gotta learn about our bodies. Journal I already know everything about sex… I wonder if me and E will do it.
 do what? you better be talking about getting ice cream? Ewww I can’t believe. I wanted to have sex at 11… God i was so corrupted. Also i remember being in health class and learning about sex and just sitting there like wow!!! I looked so traumatized omg… I was o gay.
…  12-20-13.
Omg it’s almost Christmas. I know that like Muslims aren’t supposed to celebrate but my dad says that Christmas is for everyone so we celebrate. I hope i get a iPhone 4S. B  Omg remember when those were a thing?? #soold!!!

  like omg I can’t wait until i get my phone!!! I’m like gonna text E sooo much.
…   I said like to often.
  OOOOOOOO i got a phone!!!! I’m gonna tell you how i use it sense I can’t see.    I mean i was gonna create a post on that… But I guess this will be the explanation  you’ll get. Don’t say I never gave you anything.
 So as I was saying!!!! I’m going to explain how.I use a phone… So  you go in to settings, and then accessibility, and then you turn on voiceover. it’s that simple. After that I called E’s number. Cause I found it from. s. I mean I don’t know if me and her are friends but she gave me the number anyway.
    And the do you know what i did?   Have sex with your phone? I created a Spotify account without my parents permission.
Omg Jade you lil scandals less bitch. You created a Spotify account?? They’re gonna find you!! Hide under your bed…
    ˆˆ I installed my fave apps. Like fiber.   Omg you’ll remember fiber???? For those who are real young fiber is basically the mother of whatsapp. And the father of kick.

 I love my new phone. I’m gonna talk to E every day!!!! Like every single day.   Again I don’t have motivation to get off the couch. And you want to talk to a boy which you don’t even like? 11 year olds man!!!  
Omg guess what??? I got my period!!!! Ahh. I’m so happy cause now i can have a baby with E.   Guys can someone please slap baby jade? I mean I’d do it myself but I’d be slapping me… so… Like bitch why would you wanna get pregnant at 12? Kids these days.
 Soo… now I’m so happy cause I feel like a women. Also my brother is dating a white girl.  and the parents don’t like that. Not cause she’s white but because she doesn’t like us.
Uh… I mean well… Yah that was a mess. I’ll do a separate post on that if you wish.

    Okay that’s where I’ll end it cause I honestly don’t remember more entries. But I’ll do another post if I do.
    Stay safe. Love from Jade.

creative writing.

You. A lil poem.


 When you’re 12 years old you decide to take drugs because anything has to be better than this mind numbing pain inside your skull.

You spend days,hours, even.  Strategically trying plan on how to procure these drugs.

You never do.

You’re too much of a fucking Coward anyway.

    12’s the year you find out the sickness has  consumed you whole. This disease that holds you hostage in your mind.

It’s the year of self deprecation, and pain, and wrapping yourself in your Pain. so that no one can hurt  you.

Which they end up doing anyway

    At 12 you kiss a boy. Then get discussed with yourself because you can’t fathom why you’d do such a decrepit act.

You end up hurting said boy anyway because being with him was toxic, and you couldn’t spend one more agonizing night lying to yourself.

    13’s the year you realize your not good enough.  

The year you begin understanding the inner complexity of your brain.

It’s the year you trace your body with a new found Hatred

Afterall, brown isn’t beautiful.  Blind is ugly.

Lesbian is fucking pathetic.

 13’s  the year where you break her heart.

Because you’re to raw, to vulnerable, and filled with haunted ghosts.

    You don’t blame her for dying inside.

Because of the pain you inflicted.

But you couldn’t help it, and you figure that you’ll be asking for Penance for the rest of your existence.

    13’s the year where you begin heeling.

It’s when you meet her.

This fucking bright moonlight that fills you with power, with hope, with the chance of a better existence.

She’s the  only thing you don’t want to destroy.

  If you hurt  her, then you’d never forgive yourself.

13’s when you understand the beginning of  what it means  to begin healing.    

 13’s when your best friend leaves to pursue a new chapter in his life.

It’s the year when he leaves.

Even though you don’t love him, and will never do  such a thing. You still cry. For you’ve never been good at handling change.  

But it’s just fucking useless to cry because you’re used to people leaving, after all.

14’s the summer where you spend hours on whatsapp, it’s where you make plans for your  future.

It’s where you understand what it means to belong   

 It’s afternoons of falling in love, and voice messages that you still have.

It’s listening  to music and crying because you wanted her in your bed.

 When you’re 15 everything changes for the worse.

Because you’re you and the world doesn’t want you to experience happiness.

 You should be used to it by now.

But god damnit for you for wanting to be happy, for once. Because after all that could never happen,right?

    You spend many a night crying yourself to sleep, and trying to quench the fire licking  the inside of your chest.

    They’re dating and  you’re happy and happy!!! Except you’re not.

    But it’s okay cause you’re a great pretender and you’ll get through this.

    At 16 everything goes to shit, and it doesn’t.

16 is the year you begin stepping out of the comfort zone, and partaking in sports.

16 is the year you win second place in track.

It’s when you win Sportsmanship award.

It’s where you sing in front of   about 200 people.

It’s where you dance and sing.

    It’s also the year you understand the pain of being desolate.

You understand because the moonlight isn’t online. And it’s okay and someone should save you.

But the only one who can do that is the only one who isn’t here.

16’s also the year you begin to heel.

It’s the ear of forgiving, and penance

And finally it’s the year of belonging.

For you finally feel whole again.

It’ doesn’t hurt to breath no longer.  

Because finally she comes back.

    At 17 you suc up and start to blog.

There has to be someone who’s out there, right?

Someone who’ll listen to your  rambling thoughts?

17’s the year where you’ll try harder.

Where you’ll do better.

Maybe at 17  you’ll come out.

Or maybe you won’t.

Maybe at 17, love will find you, or maybe not.

But i suppose you’ll have to keep trying.

    Author’s note, this is something of a poem to myself. Hope you enjoyed.

Love from Jade.

mental health.

Doing better? Maybe? Hopefully???

Hi guys.

Yesterday was atrocious in terms of my mental health. But it’s okay cause I swore to myself that I wouldn’t dwell on the bad anymore. It’s sucks to have several good days in advance and then just come crashing down.

especially sense I’m trying to have better days. But just know i’m trying. I’m not doing well, exactly. However I’m doing better than i was doing yesterday though. So that’s good for something.

I’m worried because this has been going on for years and I’m still not fucking okay??? Counseling isn’t helping because the counselor I’m seeing is part of the school district. Which means I can’t exactly open up to her about the suicidal stuff, now can i? she’s required to be confidential yes, but some of the thoughts I’ve been having she’d be required to report.

I’d also like to point out I’ haven’t been diagnosed with any exact disorder. Although a therapist did say that if she could diagnose me she’d say i had depression.

But I don’t want to be those individuals who self diagnose because I’m not a professional or anything. Plus their are real people who have these disorders. So I don’t want to seem complaining or bratty. I hope you don’t think these things of me.

Below I’m going to list I’ve ways i try to distract myself when I’m suffering from bad mental health. In order to help any of you struggling with your mental health.

1. Take a hot bath. I mean this sounds ridiculous because everyone takes baths.But I realized that when ever I’m feeling shitty, taking baths helps me calm down. however this might not work for you.

2 Disconnecting from technology. As I said a few days ago for me disconnecting from social media, and turning off my phone actually helps me ground my thoughts. So I suggest you check it out too.

3. Writing. I mean isn’t that what every blogger does? No but seriously even if you don’t write a post or a tweet, or what ever. Just writing what ever comes to your mind will help you feel better. I promise.

4. Just being with yourself. This is going to sound emo or shit. But I don’t care. When I’m feeling bad or shitty. I just lock the door, and turn off the phone/ipad, and just exist in my own head. It’s quite self distructive, and cathartic. But works for me.

5. Talking to those I trust. I have several friends,both offline, and online.Who I absolutely adore. They’re the ones who I trust with my life and I’m not afraid to confide in them.

So that’s the update on Jade’s mental health.

Stay safe! And may life treat you kind.

I hope you’re doing well!! Remember if you’re struggling then message me at I’ll help as best I can.


Lust. A lil poem.

My fingers dance across your skin.

As you moan in pleasure.

I kisss you intensely, fervently, and fleetingly.

The way you move.

Has me infatuated.

Makes me pull you closer.

My lips on your neck.

My hand tracing your thighs like Braille.

And your gase.

Like feral heat.

The club is pulsing with music.

And you’re holding me close.

I hope I never wake up.

But I always do.

Cause it’s an allusion.

Author’s note. This poem is about a person who keeps dreaming about their crush. But it’s an allusion because it’s a dream.

I’m sorry this is shitty!!! But I’m trying to distract myself. Soo…

Love? Hate? Tell me down below. Also, is it just me who thinks that phrase is really perverted?? No? Good.

fave bloggers.

Fave bloggers

Hi guys.

I’m not doing better at all. So in order to cheer myself up. I’m going to list my favorite bloggers., to spread positivity, and make myself feel better.

It won’t make me feel better but there’s no harm in trying, right?

So here goes nothing. Here are some of my fave bloggers. Please note, if i din’t list you it’s because I genuinely forgot. Not because i don’t find you entertaining enough. I promise I don’t hate anyone here.

So if i forget you just comment down below and I’ll mention you somehow. The first one is My Overflowing Thoughts

She’s super relatable, and her writing is something I can relate to. I’m also glad she posts about mental health. #spreadthe awareness.


Omg her poetry is just Aaaaaaahhh!!! Wow I’m fangirling much. But seriously go check out her writing!!! do it.


She is the blogging queen!!!! Do not even fight me on this!!! Literally she’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Plus I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her voice in real life. Oh Also she’s gonna kill me if i don’t go to London and see her. She’s the best!! Go follow her nowww!!! Okay I’ll stop. She knows I miss her posts.

Consider Yourself Warned…

Dude he’s like the most funniest person on here!!! Like i die from laughter when ever I read his posts. So yeah.


Her writing is what I aspire to be. Just like her writing is insogram worthy.. Just. Wow.

The Girl in the White Shirt

She’s the sweetest!!! Her comments brighten my day. Plus she loves Black Panther!!!!


Guys you’ll better go and show her some love!!! She’s someone who I love reading. And she always makes me smile!!! Plus we have similar cultural experiences. A Blind Mermaid Housewife

She posts formative posts about blindness, and I don’t know her personally but she seemed interesting. So give her some love.


I don’t know much about her or him. But they’re interesting. and they always like on my posts.I feel bad cause I don’t know much about them.


She’s so active in the blogosphere and she was my first follower. She’s just so positive!!! So go check her out!!

the caramel marshmallow

I just discovered her recently and i love her blog!! Just wow!!


I. Fucking. Love her posts. I love how she’s honest!!! her writing is fabulous, as well. So go and check her out. I’d love to get to know her better!! Plus I’m convinsed her brother’s Stormzy!!! Also she’s another Black Panther fan!!!


This girl I is the poetry queen!!! do. Not. Even. Fight. Me. On this.!!! She’s the sweetest!!! So just go check her out!!! Do It. Right now.


She doesn’t post that often anymore but her posts are relatable af!!! Plus her singing is wow!!! Just wow!!! I also know her in real life a bit!!!


I Mean how could I not mention her? Guys she’s the most positive person on here. she always comments, and likes. She is the one who makes me feel welcome on this platform!!! If you’ll mean to her. You’re gonna deal with me!!! So be nice!!! Also she designed my blog so tell her thank you!!


Omg how could I not mention her? Like guys she thinks I’m adorable!!! Plus she wants my curly hair!!! Plus who else would tell you to brush your teeth??? That’s what i thought!!!


Omg how could I forget her??? SHe’s awesome tbh. I gotta check up on her more though!!! So sorry if you’re reading this.


I miss her writing tbh!!!And I’m sad that I wasn’t around when she used to blog. Cause I’d love getting to know her. But I hope where ever she is she’s happy, and fulfilled in her aspirations.

I’m sorry I din’t mention you. Just know you’re all special to me!!!

Comment down below!!! Who are your fave bloggers?

mental health.

This shit again.

Hi guys.

Everything was going fine yesterday and i was happy, and texting friends, and shit. But oh yeah i forgot!!! Shitty mental health!!!! Fucking fantastic.Yaaay.

Fucking woke up feeling like I wanted to destroy the world. It doesn’t fucking help that I was thinking of coming out to the parents and I just wanted to lay on the floor and shriek like a baby. Cause you know having parents who are immigrants means that I won’t be excepted. Also in our society gay kids get condemned to hell, or something.

I’m so envious of those people who have parents who except them as not straight. They’re the ones who tell me that it’s okay my parents will understand. Well i guess they’ve never lived in a multicultural house. Like yeah I’d love if I could just talk to my parents about the crushes I have but that’ll never happen. So i should just suck it up.

Like do they even know how lucky they are?

My chest feels heavy again. Offcourse!! After all I thought I was getting better but nooo. But really I should be used to this but it’s not fare!!! It’s not fare that I feel this anxious all the fucking time. Why does this happen to me?

Why do i have to justify my sexual orientation to people? it’s not their business, tbh.

If you don’t have to come out as straight then i don’t have to as gay.

I hate feeling like this cause I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. I feel like my mental health is bad do to the weather.yes. I’m one of those crazy people who are affected by the weather.

I feel pathetic honestly but what else is new? I hate feeling like this cause I’m scared that I’ll relaps and have issues with food like I did five years ago. Even though I know I’m no where near as bad as I was then. But still I don’t want to feel that out of control.I don’t want to be feeling like existing is a chore. I don’t think that’s going to occur again but if it does then I’ll deal.

I realized the last time I felt genuinely happy was about 3 years ago??

Well isn’t that sad? I mean I’ve had intervals of happyness sense then but to be honest I haven’t been happy.

So here is a list of things that are making me want to destroy the world.

1. Coming out. They’ll never except me, and what’s the point?

2. Feeling ugly. I wish I was attractive but I’m just like and i just wish i was pretty?? God I’m so shallow!!!

3. My grades for this samester. Yeah I have nothing else to say about that.

4. Being so far away from my crush. I mean there’s nothing I can do about that either.

Why am i like this? Who do I confide in? I mean I have a therapist but if I told her this then she’d have to send me to hospital. Just no. Because the parents would find out and they wouldn’t understand. Plus I’d be forced to come out to them.

sometimes I wish I could run away. But like where the hell would i go to??? I have no job and I’d end up dead,, or on drugs. I can see the head lines now.

“Disabled teenager found dead after running away from home.”

Also I don’t know what the hell to do with my life after high school???I’m interested in a wide variety of topics but don’t even know if any of them will make respectable careers.

Like ther’s so much to do, and not enough time. I mean i have several careers I’m passionate about like activism, and something with disability, and LGBT, but would any of those be sustainable cause you know people have to pay bills, and shit.

do you know what someone told me when I told them I wanted to be an author? No? I’ll tell you. Basically they told me that I could dream but in the mean time i should think of a real job???

So writing isn’t a real job? What? What is a real so called job, anyway?

Oh look. I feel like crying again cause i feeel like a burden. Wow!!! Typical of me.

I’m gonna go and sort my shit out.

I’m sorry but i had to get this off my chest.

Love from Jade. Also is it healthy for someone to feel angry all the time? No? That’s what I thought.


A snowy day rant.

Hi guys.

You might be wondering why I’m posting in the middle of the week? Well I’ve run away from school and decided to start a cult!!!! Also I’ve decided to become The blind version of spider man!!!! Or you know being a professional street wander sounds nice too.

You didn’t really believe that, did you? Well maybe I am the blind version of spider man. I mean how would you know?

Or maybe I’m writing this from my comfy jail cell… And this a desperate attempt at help, for you as my kind, and wonderful friends to come pay my bail. Just kidding!!!

the reason I’m posting anything is cause where i live in the great America!!!! Has been blessed with snow. So school being the total blessing it is, has decided to close.

So I’ve been sitting at home pondering abou my existence… Is it just me who watches conspiracy theories on YouTube??? What? it’s entertaining to watch. I also watch Doctor Phill, too. It makes me feel better about my problems.

So below I’m going to list some of my own conspiracy theories.

what if Amazon is spying on us? And was secretly been created by Donald trump?

Also what if in 20 years we’ve established flying vehicles that can read our minds? What?? It could happen…

Doesn’t anyone else believe in those? Comment down below if you do.

I’m not quite sure what, if anything I’ll be accomplishing today but we’ll see. In a month it’ll be spring which means hot weather and wearing shorts!!! Plus shopping for nice dresses… Who doesn’t love shopping, am I right? I mean it’s okay if you don’t but I do. So yeah

Also why is it not okay in our society for men to enjoy shopping? Think about it, whenever we here about shopping it’s always associated with females. But I’m here to tell you that’s simply not the case.

I mean i have several male friends who love shopping but get judged because of their gender? I thought we were passed all that? But apparently not, I guess.

On that topic there’s been so many individuals when I say I’m lesbian, who’ve commented the following.

Me, I’m actually a lesbian.

Person, you don’t look like one.

Me, huh?

Person, You know you’re not wearing masculine clothing, and why do you enjoy makeup?

I call that a load of bullshit!!! So you’re telling me that just cause I’m a lesbian I can’t enjoy wearing makeup??? What?

yeah i get it. Some lesbians enjoy being masculine, and some don’t. But it’s uncomfortable for me to be labeled like that. Come on people I’m a human, not a super market can.

I think it’s the same for straight girlstoo. So many people think of straight girls as constantly take selfies, and where makeup, and flip their hair. But that’s not the case in everyone

I know so many individuals who are straight but act masculine and people comment that it looks gay.

I hate that word, by the way.. When someone’s doing something they love, or are passionate about and people comments that it looks gay.

Like what the hell does that mean??? So you’re telling me that just because a person want to do masculine activities are labeled as “Gay.” We need to put a stop to that. Or else how are we going to change?

Or vise versa, if a man wants to be femmanin then he’s automatically labeled as gay, or trans, or some other derogatory name, that I refuse to say.

Wow that was intense, wasn’t it? I’m sorry!!! I just had to get that off my chest.

oh don’t forget that apparently disabled people can’t be gay either. But this is already super long, and that post is for another day.

*sighs people are so ignorant!!! Comment down below what you think of all this. Be as heated as you want to.

Stay safe!!!! Love from Jade. Expect at least 1 more post today.